What is a “Safety Bale Fork”?

The Safety Bale Fork was the brainchild of Peter Moore. Peter thought that there must be a safer and easier way to store a bale fork when not in use on a vehicle.

The fork has been designed so that the forks are not pointing horizontally when there are no bales attached.

Peter worked hard for weeks to perfect his method for the product and the idea came around of having the forks move so they were in a vertical position to avoid dangerous damage in the event of a collision with another vehicle.

Safety Bale Fork - The Safest Method To Transport Bales

The Safety Bale Fork is a brilliant idea and works exactly as it was described. Peter was very helpful and friendly both during Purchase and after. He made sure everything worked correctly.

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How does the Safety Bale Fork Work?


When the safety bale fork is not in operation it can be tilted from a horizontal position to a vertical upright position. This will then prevent any dangerous injuries or damage in the vent of an accident. The Safety Bale Fork also comes with a set of metal guards to protect the spikes from external damage or corrosion when not in use.

To see how the Safety Bale Fork works in operation please watch the video to the right…

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